Beginner’s Guide

Beginner’s Guide


We sympathize with the idea of ​​Jena plan education, which is said to be the best education in the world. We have been evaluated in various families by the new sitting method Jena plan + Nanny, watched the growth of more than 300 families.

We have created KXN to solve major issues.
rotecting the dignity of children around the world, so that everyone can have hope for the future, live independently, and be optimistic.

"Are you happy?"-"No"

To have zero people saying no, with love, KXN walks together with children's future and happiness

KXN Corporation


Entertainment for Childcare

Through babysitting, we will serve not only childcare support but also diverse content such as music, foreign languages, performing arts, and Japanese culture. To develop the children to be full of personality and smile in the future. The world's most highly rated Jena education in the Netherlands, as well as the British royal
commander's parenting professionals, well-educated nanny staff, will create rich time for your children.
While providing day care services, we will also provide Japanese language education, flower arrangement, tea ceremony and other kinds of education for foreign children who want to learn Japanese and Japanese culture.
Don't just guard your children, please experience KXN's childcare system.

Flow of use

  • STEP1【It is convenient because you can request it for 24 hours by web!】
    Apply from the web or tel
  • ご利用の流れアイコン
  • STEP2【It's safe because we will send you a profile with a face picture of your sitter in advance! 】

    Sitter arrangement

  • ご利用の流れアイコン
  • STEP3【Available on the day or before, online interviews】
    Interview (first time only)
  • ご利用の流れアイコン
  • STEP4【Your children sit with love】

Course introduction

  • Monthly course


    Home is a nursery school.

    KXN's unique program will create a curriculum that meets the needs of children and will
    provide child care that respects individuality.
    We can integrate lessons and daycare to extend the strengths of children.
    In addition, children will be given an environment where they can demonstrate their own thinking
    powers, called "world orientation," and will have regular opportunities to grow through voluntary

  • Regular course


    Once a week~

    Unlike monthly courses, you can use it once a week for 3 hours.
    As it is possible to make a reservation on a fixed day of the week, it is easy to make a schedule,
    and it is suitable for use in pickup and lessons.

  • One-time course


    Emergency request and service for visiting Japan

    It corresponds to the request on the same day, it is a service for double-income and
    busy families.
    We also have foreign language speaking staff, so consult freely when you visit Japan.