Recruitment information

Recruitment of babysitters

Salary: According to your experience


Work content and appeal pointsStaff with experience abroad start business in Japan!! !
We are looking for babysitters to raise children between 0 and 15 years old.
Work places in whole district of Kanto centered in Tokyo.
Direct attendance and direct return is possible because childcare at home.
It is possible to work one hour at once if you like, it also incorporates a free shift system.
Our unique training combines the world’s best Dutch education and the world’s top Nanny know-how, so novices are welcome.
It seems like we can not earn money from the childcare. . Dispel the image like that!
Because there is a salary increase and an hourly rate + commission by skill improvement, high income can be


Human resources to seekPeople with special skills and qualifications are welcome!
Hourly wages increase with qualifications and special skills.
People who are fluent in foreign languages ​​are also welcome! People who want to interact with foreigners are also welcome!
Inexperienced people are also actively recruited.

Working time, day of the week24 hours a day, 365 days a week! You can work anytime you like!

Traffic accessWhole district of Kanto

BenefitsThere are also transportation expenses, late-night and early-morning allowances, childcare support and beauty support

OtherPlease contact on weekends and public holidays.
The interview will be held at Nishi Shinjuku Office.