What is KXN?

What is KXN?

KXN consistently offers childcare and lessons


There is no extra charge and you can use quality lessons and childcare consistently at home for a great deal.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to try foreign language education, musical instruments, sports etc.

What is KXN's Jena Plan Education?

In the babysitter industry, we have adopted "Education to grow happy adults" based on the Dutch Jenaplan education,
which is said to be the first in Japan and the highest level of children's happiness in the developed world.

1.Different age class organizationThinking of a sitter as a group leader, children as
part of a family group. Let children have a recognition that there will not be a teacher but a companion who will learn together.

2.Four basic activitiesDuring sitting, we will cyclically perform four basic activities:
conversation, play, work (learning) and events. While playing, working, talking and learning together while participating in the event.

3.Home as a place of live and workWe regard the home as a community consisting of children, sitters and parents, and make it possible to prepare an environment where children can easily learn (a place of community life).

4.World orientation as the core of educationWe connect study according to subject such as society and science and carry out time of general study provided for "learning how to study". Based on it,
the childcare event will be held 1-2 times a month.

5.Both healthy and disabled children can learnAiming for inclusive education, we consider it as a reflection of the life society as much as possible. Therefore, children with disabilities who have special needs can participate in the orientation together, and of course the sitter response of sick
children is also possible.

What is KXN's Nanny?

It refers to a babysitter who is loved as a parenting professional in the UK to use the Royal Family as an "Infant Education Specialist".


Unlike babysitters who only take care of children for their parents, KXN does not stop at basic care of their surroundings but provides care as a nanny specialist in early childhood education such as discipline, study, and emotional education. In addition to that, KXN Nanny can cover sports and music as well.